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Medicaid Law in Seneca New York

In cases of health insurance fraud or Medicaid Law, don’t try and represent yourself or take on the government and insurance companies and healthcare providers all on your own. If you suspect Medicaid law fraud or an insurance company or medical malpractice by your healthcare provider consider the experts in healthcare law. Our team knows how the healthcare and insurance companies operate and we won’t rest until we have recovered your losses and expenses and the best possible results in all Medicaid Law cases even including wrongful death. Don’t try and settle out of court or take the law into your own hands hire the Medicaid Law litigation experts at Ralph C. Lorigo and his team of attorneys.

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The medical litigation team at Ralph C. Lorigo and his team of attorneys is ready to provide expert legal Medicaid law counsel for a competitive rate. We have years of healthcare and Medicaid law in the state of New York and we will prosecute the offending healthcare providers and insurance companies to the fullest extent of the law. Ralph C. Lorigo and his team of attorneys have the knowledge, litigation experience in health insurance cases and the legal expertise to get you the best possible outcome.

Q: What is Elder Law?

A: Elder Law is the practice of specially trained attorneys who can help you protect your assets in the event of illness and dispose of your assets upon your demise, with a minimum of taxes and problems. Elder Law attorneys address long-term care and estate planning needs of each individual based on his or her unique situation.

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Q: What is Medicaid?

A: Medicaid is a federal, state and county program which pays any and all medical costs you may have


you qualify. There are different qualifications for a two person household and a one person household.

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Q: What are the income and resource levels in a two person household?

A: The following assets are exempt in a two person household where one needs long term care: (1) personal residence, up to a value of $840,000, (2) other assets with a value not exceeding $74,820 (or one-half of the resources for both of you to a maximum of $120,900), (3) pre-paid funeral and burial for both of you, (4) household furniture, personal effects, jewelry, etc., (5) IRAs, 401(k)s and other qualified plans, provided they are paying out a monthly income, and (6) up to $3,022.50 per month in montly income.

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Q: What are the income and resource levels in a one person household?

A: The income and resource limits in a one person household are the following: (1) $14,850 in total asset value, (2) pre-paid funeral, no matter what the amount, and (3) $50.00 per month income (the balance of your income is contributed toward your support).

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Q: What if you have assets in excess of the resource levels?

A: If you have assets above those listed, then you must spend those assets down for a legitimate medical expenses and when you reach the above levels, then Medicaid would kick in and pay your medical expenses.

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Q: Are adult children responsible for Medicaid bills of their parents?

A: In determining Medicaidd eligibility of an adult, Federal Law does not permit states to use the income or resources of non-spouses. Children are therefore not responsible.

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Q: Are well spouses legally responsible for Medicaid expenses of a sick spouse?

A: In New York State, Medicaid is allowed to sue the well spouse for contribution.

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